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Damage. Breakage. Lifeless Curls.

Are your curls driving you crazy? Do curly hair care products from the store make your hair dry and frizzy? Is it time to lose the chemicals in your hair care?

Luxe Locks Curls brings the bounce back to your curls!

Infused with Love and Science, our line of NATURAL, handmade curly hair care products is enjoyed by women, men, and children of ALL HAIR TYPES.

Feel and Look Fabulous! Love on your curly hair today with Luxe Locks Curly Hair Products!

Why Choose Luxe Locks Curls?

For Purity

Each Luxe Locks Curls curly hair care product recipe has been personally handcrafted with purely natural, organic ingredients. See our ingredients.

For Safety

All Luxe Locks Curly hair care product blends have endured extensive testing for hair and skin safety. 

For Quality

All of Luxe Locks Curly hair care products’ ingredients are sourced carefully and blended with Love, based in Science.

For Health

Toxic chemicals in hair products, mainly marketed toward Black people and curly heads, are linked to Cancer and Infertility. They can also contribute to a host of other problems such as Alopecia and itchy or inflamed scalp, as well as make Psoriasis of the scalp worse instead of better. This is unacceptable!

For Gentleness

Luxe Locks Curly hair care products are NEVER tested on animals and are kind to the body. Natural ingredients like oils, butters and aloe vera work best to grow curly hair long and strong.

For Children

Luxe Locks Curly hair care products are all natural and safe for kids. Read our ingredient list. How to do a patch test.

For Fun

Magnificent scents and happy colors make wash day for your curly hair feel like a party!

For Fabulous Curls!

Like your thumbprint, each curl and hair pattern is unique and beautiful.  Your curls are waiting for their full potential to be unlocked. 

Our curly hair care products bring out the best in your natural or processed curly hair. 


“I love the convenient resealable bags that the 2oz samples come in! These are life savers because I don’t have to figure out other ways to close them. This way I’m not wasting perfectly good product. Thank you Genesis!”


“I love Luxe Locks Curl’s Products! Both the deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner enhance my curls so much! My hair has never felt or looked healthier!”


“Your products have changed our lives! Me and my daughter’s hair is so soft and manageable now. Thank you!”


I have MORE than love for these natural hair products! The Piña Co-lotta Love Leave In and the Blueberry Crème Pie Deep conditioner are everything! My hair looks amazing!”


What Is My Hair Type?

Use Luxe Locks curly hair products to achieve the coils of your dreams!

1: Straight

This hair type has no natural bend or sway. Your tresses will benefit from the excellent nutrients found in our curly hair products. Protect from split ends and encourage hair growth. Experiment and discover your hair’s beautiful shine!

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2a: Light Wave

Your waves will be loose and have lots of body. This curl type may fall out easily and frizz may be a factor. With proper care and love, light waves will reward you with a soft, romantic look.

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2b: Wave

Wavy hair loves moisture! Your locks will fall in a soft “S” pattern giving you a beachy, fun look. Spray on our Fruit Punch Refresher Spray for a daily drench and be sure to deep condition at least twice a month to keep your “Swerves” looking their best.

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2c: Deep Wave

Is it a curl? Is it a wave? YES! Manageable and gorgeous, each strand has a smooth texture and an obvious “S” pattern. Often this curl type is mixed with loose curls and softer waves as well. 

Prone to frizz and vulnerable to heat damage, it is important to give your crown the protection and moisture it craves with Luxe Locks curly hair products for a bouncy yet defined look.

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3a: Loose Curl

Falling into beautiful spirals, this curl type will make large loops and hold their shape well without much shrinkage. Keep your curls healthy and strong by only shampooing every 5-7 days. Using Piña Colada Leave In Conditioner and regular deep conditioning will revive and protect your breathtaking crown.

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3b: Curl

Your curls may come in several sizes and have a spring factor of 2-6 inches! So fun to work with and style, these babies need your TLC. Treat them gently and give them proper moisture on wash day, and you may find that your bed-head look the rest of the week makes others think you’ve spent hours!

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3c: Tight Curl

Discover your great hair fortune as you experiment with Luxe Locks Curly Hair products and find out the treasure you posess in your curly hair. Your corkscrews and zigzags will soak up the nutrition, strengthen the fine hair and soften coarse tendrils. Along with curl patterns, you may have a few textures going on. Always handle your strands with care!

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4a: Coil

These beauties curl tightly with only space for a straw or toothpick to slide through the center. You will have LOTS of spring in your curly hair, making it appear shorter than it actually is. Proper moisture and hydration are supremely important in bringing out the best in your fabulous coils. 

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4b: Zigzag Coil

Zig-zagging through life, these babies are very fragile, highly porous and prone to breakage. This kinky-curl hair type is more dense and needs a lot of love and care in the form of hydration and deep conditioning to help make detangling easier and gentle on your locks.

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4c: Tight Coil

Wrapping around themselves with little to no drop to the curl, tight coils beautifully frame the face. 4c hair is the thickest, coarsest hair type. It loves to soak up oil and hydration to stay moisturized, manageable and defined.

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